Nov 04

The Shavedown – Part 1


So we had our little party at Kelly’s Homelike Inn in Cobourg Ontario. Kelly’s is my favourite bar, probably because it’s the first place that my Dad ever took me for a beer. It was the bar that he went to to drink with his buddies, and it turned into the bar that I drank at with my buddies. If you get a chance to get in there for a drink you should go, just to say you were there. You would then be in the company of some pretty great people. Look around the walls at some of the legends, sporting and non, and you will get a feel of the rich history of the place. It is probably the oldest liquor serving establishment in town, but I could be wrong about that. Sometimes I talk out of my ass.


Anyhow, enough about Kelly’s for this installment, we’re here to talk about real men, in a real man’s bar, shaving like real men do.

(drunken real men with emotional problems)

It was a rainy Halloween night, so there wasn’t a lot of action happening downstairs where the band was setting up.

Savvy and the Hairdo Band were opening for GNR, but Axel got trashed and ended up puking off the patio all night.

Savvy and the Hairdo Band were opening for GNR, but Axel got trashed and ended up puking off the patio all night.

Luckily Savvy is a professional and was able to finish out the night with some inspiration from Slash and this other guy.

Luckily Savvy is a professional and was able to finish out the night with some inspiration from Slash and this other guy.

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Oct 29

Halloween Shavedown Spectacular


If you are wondering where the post is from Gadget and Penny’s Annual Halloween Party, you can rest easy knowing that it will be coming one of these days. I may have gotten a little tipsy, so I may have forgotten to take as much photographic evidence as previous years, but there are a few, and perhaps anyone else that had a camera could send along any that they have to kind of fill in the rather sizeable gaps.

The reason that I don’t have a post done is because of The Halloween Shavedown Spectacular. I, with the help of Mrs. Birdman, Emma at Movember Canada, Kelly’s Homelike Inn, Rob Hood and Shaun Savoy (aka The Savvy), and anyone else that would like to help out, are throwing a Mo Party to get everyone ready for the greatest facial hair growing event of the year.

That’s right. We are all trying to raise awareness  for men’s cancer and the effect it has on everyone. From researching new ways to battle the disease itself, to helping with the mental struggles that a lot of men have when it comes to dealing with and talking about their ass and balls and the cancers that affect them.


I’m a one man wolf pack .

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Dec 06

The Dream Team. Well, Except For Shaun

That’s right folks. We really did a great job fundraising, except for Sean. He didn’t even show up for the fucking practice. Everyone else took photos, bugged their friends, looked cool, etc…, but not Sean. He was too busy not getting any phone numbers from women. You know why? No moustache!

If any of you are on speaking terms with Sean, could you tell him that next year he should let us know if he’s not going to actually participate. As long as we know, we can hire a stache double to sit in for him. That way when people look at our team, we aren’t embarrassed to shit, that one of our MoBros is a SHINY, FUCKING PIG.

I digress. Instead of focusing on the negative, I should talk about how utterly awesome our hand picked band of moustachioed beefcakes has been. I would have these masters of the man-hair back on this team, any day. We’ll run them down for you in no particular order, right after we show you some figures from our CTT team for Movember. I snuck the link in, because you can donate until the end of December, but if you’d rather, the lady at the top of the sidebar could really use some help too. If you were inclined to give some cash up, I’ll leave it up to you as to where your money would be better spent. Read her story if you haven’t yet.

Look at the right side. $1888

Look at him down at the bottom. He’s mocking us with his $5 donation that he didn’t have to show up for.


Had a hard time figuring out if he was going to be able to do Movember, not so much because of his work, but because of the threats of no kissing for 30 days. I assured him that having a badass stache was better than kissing, he scratched his head and contemplated his pros and cons. Luckily Kari gave him a last minute reprieve, because it was for such a good cause. I think she made a good choice, because he rocked that shit, and I think in her heart, Kari was imagining him as a 70’s street thug. I know I was. So sexy. See for yourself.

The beginning

Part of the way









The final




Next year?





This handsome bastard is officially my brother in law, and unofficially the best singer-songwriter in the family. This Movember marks the first time that his darling wife has seen him with a shorn face. From the sounds of it, I’d say Continue reading

Dec 03

Movember Gala Parté

Yes sir! We thought we would head up and check out the big Movember Canada gala event at Kool Haus (The Guvernment), down by the waterfront in Toronto on Friday night. What a cool party. Other than the $25 to park, it didn’t cost us anything to attend. The tickets were free, because our team totally rocked the shit out of fundraising, and as we went through the door, we were handed free tall boy tickets from Molson. Every time we went through the door.

Before we get going, I should show you what Gadget did for the cause.

He’s a trooper.

That’s right, he shaved his head, except for a huge moustache at the back. Don’t laugh, it got him into the kitchen at The Keg with a couple of hot waitresses.

Inside we were greeted with quite a few moustaches and the Appleton Estates Ice Bar Thingy, where they pour a shot through this carved block of ice, and into your glass. For someone who likes to drink straight rum, this would be the place for you. You could just stand there and do a free shot, walk out to the lobby, punch the bag to win a Schick t-shirt (I was pretty close), back through the door for another free tall boy, lather, rinse, repeat.

Yeah, I don’t think it was just the rum that attracted the boys.

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Nov 20


I completely fucked the dog last night, and coincidentally remembered how addictive Tropico is. It’s this old strategy/sim game that I absolutely love. I bought it for $1 at a yard sale back in around 2003, and I played it for at least a year, solidly. By far the best value for the money that I’ve ever spent on a video game.

I played it last night until 3 AM, and then went in and thought about it for another half hour. I’m not letting myself play it today, at least until I get some stuff written for today and tomorrow. It’s really cool, because in the game you are a dictator in some Banana Republic, and you have several different scenarios that you can do. The main thing is, in any of the modes of play, is to stay in power.

I really believe that I could play that game forever and never do every possible scenario. You can be one of many famous dictators in the free play part, and you can set your island to whatever difficulty setting you want, in thousands of combinations. I like being Che Guevara, because I’m a motherfucking rebel, yo, and the people really love him, so there’s less chance of them revolting against me as I turn their beloved island into a strip-mined, soil depleted tourist attraction.

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