May 01

I Gots Me A Job


Yep, I got a job delivering fertilizer to farms.

This is awesome, because it combines a few of my favourite things. Farmers, driving, slinging the proverbial shit, and getting a paycheck.

As I was sitting here contemplating what to write about today, I was flipping through G+ and I came across some video footage of Black Sabbath performing one of their new songs in Australia. I couldn’t tell whether it was good or not, because of the bad video, but on the left was a link to a 1973 video from a Deep Purple concert in New York.

I clicked on it, and was immediately transported back to grade 9 or 10 when I worked in the arcade that was attached to The British Hotel, or I suppose it was called Speedy’s by then. There was a jukebox in there, and during a shift of doling out quarters and french fries to my delinquent friends, I would hear the four Deep Purple songs that were on it, maybe twenty times. I worked there 5 days a week at least, so you could safely say that I heard Deep Purple more than the average person.

I believe that this was the model. Maybe some of you remember better. Like how many times Wishing Well by Terence Trent D'arby got played.

I believe that this was the model. Maybe some of you remember it better. Oh, and how many times did Wishing Well by Terence Trent D’arby get played.

This may seem like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I don’t remember ever thinking that I was sick of Hush, Highway Star, or even Smoke On The Water. I liked hearing them all whenever they came on, but the biggest treat was when someone, namely me, would put their two bits in and play Kentucky Woman. Continue reading

Apr 22

Cheech And Chong Are Back???

Well, they’re sort of back…

I took the time on April 20th 🙂 to watch Cheech And Chong’s Animated Movie. Even though I was sick as a dog, I took an extra shot of Nyquil and settled in for 83 minutes of fart and weed jokes. I want to be able to tell you that it was filled with amazing wit and animation, but that would be less than truthful.

I was born in East LA, man.

The licence plate says MUF DVR, in the movie.

I was expecting it to be fucking hilarious, because I had watched and loved all of their movies back in the 80s, but it wasn’t really comparable. It turns out that this was just old album material that has been rudimentarily animated and put out for public consumption. Continue reading

Apr 17

Koala Kid Giveaway – Yes, Two Copies For Free


Well, this worked out in my favour. I was going to not write a post for tomorrow, because I’m bed-ridden with flu like symptoms and an overdose of Calmylin. As I was crying, because I would be letting down so many adoring fans, an email came in from the absolutely lovely Mandy over at Think Jam. She has offered up a couple of DVD’s for a giveaway, and I gladly accepted. I guess we’ll just do it the regular way. Put in a comment, and on Friday morning we’ll do a draw on the Facebook page.

Okay, now read and comment. Or don’t. I guess my nephews and nieces would use them if you don’t want to.

Top Australian Animated Characters

To celebrate the release of Koala Kid on DVD April 30 featuring Johnny, we’re going down-under to explore the exciting world of Aussie animation. Our research has led us to a crowd of friendly critters, both old and new. We’ve listed best of the bunch below!

The Tasmanian Devil

Often referred to as ‘Taz’, the character is the youngest of the cartoon characters from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes series. He is a ferocious yet dim creature with an extremely short temper and boundless appetite. Distinguishing features include communicating mainly through grunts, growls and blowing raspberries. He also has the impressive ability to spin like a vortex when on the chase for a tasty morsel (Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck). Continue reading